The bombastic stage show – a real highlight!

A fascinating mix of diabolo- artistic and live-music (Voice, Mic, drummachine, loopstation) will be presented in 7 – 10 min at it´s best!

Bombastic Orchestra stands for an easygoing perfectionism.

It´s all about Diabolos and the way how its flying and catching is commented trough “mouth and handmade“ music.


This show includes Diabolo- Light-Visuals based on the revolutionary LED-Technologie and Beats from Big Bad Berlin


  • 7-10 minutes
  • stage with audio- and light engeneering necessary
  • required space: 6×6 meters
  • for Varieté, Showprductions or Galas
  • PDF-file –> Technische_Info_Bühne



BO ON STAGE 2013 from Bombastic Orchestra on Vimeo.